WayGood Presents: Switchback at the Soiled Dove Underground

Saturday @ 7:00 pm

Denver, CO, United States

One of the best venues in North America

Gig Details


Venue Details

7401 E 1st Ave
Denver, CO 80230
United States
(303) 366-0007
(303) 366-0007

Very few bands last over three decades, but that is exactly what the partnership of Martin McCormack and Brian FitzGerald has accomplished. What is amazing about this collaboration is that the band has not only walked in the world of the Americana Singer-Songwriter with great success, but they have also been recognized as one of the premier Celtic acts in the world today. June 6 will be one of those rare evenings when the duo will purposefully present “Half ‘n’ Half,” a celebration not only of their American Roots Music, but also their Irish Celtic Soul. Named after a popular drink in Ireland (Harp Lager poured carefully over Guinness Stout to create a two-layered drink), the show will consist of one set of both original and traditional Irish music, followed by another set of original Americana favorites. Be ready for the debut of several new songs! While the musicianship stands for itself, it is perhaps the stagecraft exhibited by both McCormack and FitzGerald that makes a live show a must-see. Working with their audience, the two weave an evening of tales (with their signature rapport and even downright backtalk) to create an aura of high energy that flows from the stage to the concert hall and back again. This unusual partnership has eschewed a more conventional approach to the music world, deciding to bring their live music to the audience on their own promotional terms. That hasn’t prevented them from rubbing elbows and sharing the stage with some of the greats of both the Irish and modern music luminaries, such as the Chieftains, The Moody Blues, Leon Russell, John Hartford and many others.