Woodstock Opera House

Saturday @ 7:00 pm

Woodstock, IL, United States

Switchback duo returns to the Woodstock Opera House for an evening featuring their latest release "Birds of Prey"

Gig Details

Venue Details

121 W Van Buren St
Woodstock, IL 60098
United States

The Woodstock Opera House is where the musical career of Martin McCormack first took flight, back when he was a young child performing for the Irish Night.  A recipient of the Woodstock Fine Arts Scholarship, the Opera House was the venue that saw McCormack off to his education in performing arts. Jump forward 35 years since then, and the venue is where Brian FitzGerald and Martin McCormack will present selections from their latest album “Birds of Prey”.   The Opera House has excellent seating, a modern sound system but still retains the midwestern charm that makes it a favorite of many performers.  A must-attend evening for Switchback fans.