Have we got a show for YOU!

Dear Friends of Switchback,
We hope everyone is doing well. We are vaccinated and look forward to the day that we can get back on the road. 
We are releasing the second of our “live” concert series. Our idea is to take a walk back through our albums and perform them in their entirety, one by one, starting with Ain’t Going Back.

For this concert, we are literally going back to our garage band roots by playing-where else?- in Marty’s garage.  We took advantage of a warm April day and with the garage door open, presented a live concert filled with the sounds of the city. We’ve also kept in some of the start overs as we felt it would make it more real. Special commentary and rare photos are interspersed throughout this exciting video.  
Find out about Brian’s first Irish band.Hear about why Switchback first started.What does Switchback and Anarchy have in common?Listen as Marty tells of the his near-miss with Ed McMahon.
We are offering this at a gift suggestion of $25. We are happy to take more and we are also happy to accept what you can offer. 
To make your gift go to the link below. Once we receive your gift, we will send along the link to the concert. It will be available for you to see anytime!
We are relying on your generosity and continued support. Let’s keep on making it a WayGood World.  Brian and Marty 
Switchback Ain’t Going Back Concert!

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