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I can tell you first hand that traveling with Switchback is a first class trip. Thirteen of our family members traveled to Ireland last year and it was awesome … Lodging, day trips, the food, and especially the music from Switchback.” – Colleen ‘Mullen’ Ladwig

Traveling Down An Irish Road

Rocky Mountain Express Train Tour

Tropical Mystery Tour

It’s Italy!

Switchback offers unique, fun, relaxing tours to various destinations. Our focus is on creating a trip that allows our friends to get a great value as well as a great experience. We are able to do this by our unique way of creating a tour that focuses on one destination, one region, one hotel and a late morning start to the day. With various options, you can make choices that fit your interest as well as budget. Throughout is the music of Switchback, which brings together people from around the world. You will make new friends and reunite with old ones. Visit often to find out about the new destinations we are heading to.

After all, it is a WAYGOOD WORLD OUT THERE!