PREMIERE Online Concert of Birds Of Prey Release at the Soiled Dove, Denver.

Saturday @ 7:30 pm

Griffith, IN, United States

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Switchback Online Concerts WayGood Productions 405 East Ridge Road
Griffith, IN 46319
United States

Switchback in your living room
Pay-to-View Switchback Concert

We pleased to announce a “pay to view” premiere of the first set at the CD release concert at Soiled Dove in Denver last year.

This is the duo set during the first concert celebrating the Birds of Prey album release. Brian has been working with his nephew, Dan FitzGerald in putting together the edits of the original film, shot by Tate Pastore and his crew last August.

“This is an exciting concert to look at,” says Brian. “Those at the first set will remember that it was one of the most energetic and intense duo performances ever.”

The airdate for the concert will be on June 6 on Youtube. A $20 per person contribution is requested to help Switchback battle the virus work stoppage. To order your link to the concert, click below.