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We have come across a few additional items in limited quantities that may also be of interest.  Some of these are specifically for the very enthused Switchback enthusiast and are truly one of a kind.  They are listed below with suggested prices. If interested, please email Marty at waygoodmusic@gmail.com

Special Handmade “Switchmasks”  Made by Switchback friends Arleen Faeth and Kelsey Deschamps in Biloxi, Mississippi, these masks are perfect for the true Switchback enthusiast.  Limited quantity of 25 shamrocks and 27 musical notes.  Comes with special instructions.  Price: $20 each.

WayGood Tours Travel Bag.  These were quickly snatched up as they were a fantastic accessory for the Switchback traveler.  It collapses to a convenient 11.5 x 10″ x 1″ size and expands to almost 20″.  The ultimate travel bag.  $35  only 1 in stock. 

Switchback Marquee Posters–These posters are extremely rare and truly one of a kind.  They are from various theaters around the country and were presented to the band after a concert.  Perfect for the diehard Switchback follower and a big size for that studio.  All sizes are approximate. 

a) Coleman Theatre–Miami Oklahoma.  March 26.   Laminated 33″ x 55″   $100

b) Kent Theater–Kent Michigan.  27″ x 42″  $100

c) Coleman Theatre–Miami, Oklahoma. 33″ x 55″   Laminated $100

d) Woodstock Opera House–Feb. 2  24″ x 36″  $100

e) Woodstock Opera House–Feb. One of the last shows before the virus!  24″ x 36″  $100 

f) Hobart Theater, March 13, 2020–The last Switchback show before the virus!  11” x 17”.  Only 3 available and “taken from the wall”.  Own a piece of Switchback history.  $75 each. 

Tour Posters

While Marquee posters are rare, there are the Switchback touring posters that over time change with the band getting older, different venues, etc.  We have two fine examples of discontinued Switchback posters.

a) Michigan Touring Poster, circa 2013-2020.  11″x17″ Shot in front of the old Michigan State Mental Hospital grounds, it was a spooky experience for Brian and Marty with an abandoned, haunted building.  Only 31 in stock.  $20 each. 

b) Ireland Touring Poster, circa 2004–2009 11″x 17″ Shot outside of Leenane, Co. Mayo, this poster was an original touring poster with quotes by notables like Matt Malloy of the Chieftains.  Only 10 in stock   $30 each. 

c) Mini Ireland poster—same as the touring poster, but a smaller size.  Back in the days before emailing took off, notices were sent by post.  8.5 x 6″   $10 each. 

e) Soiled Dove Birds of Prey Release poster.  11”x17” This is a limited edition of the only official release party celebrated before Brian’s injury and the Covid-19 outbreak.  Another rare piece of Switchback history to have in your collection.  $10 each. 

Embroidered Tour Jackets  L and M.  These were created as tests for early tour jackets and feature a fully lined and colorfully embroidered Switchback logo on the back. One of a kind, they are sold as a pair.  $300.

Switchback Wooden Anniversary Box with 10th and 20th Anniversary included.  This box was handmade by woodworker Jerry Duve in honor of Switchback’s 10th Anniversary in 2003.  Emblazoned with a brand that was created by Luke Russell, Brian’s nephew, each box has a unique brand on it due to the heat, etc.  Included in the box are the 10th and 20th Anniversary collections.  A real rarity, only 5 remain. $150 each.  

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  1. Did not hear about a serious accident. We are very sorry for whoever/whatever happened!? Do not know the details. Also are the masks$20.00 each or $20.00 for 52 masks at $2.60 each mask?

  2. Hi Marty-How do we order? Would love to have a shamrock facemask and a gray one. Also, a Michigan poster. That’s all for now. Cheers!

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